Almost one year :P

I saws that my last bloggarticle was in october 2009, so its almost a year ago..bad bad me :P  But now we make a new one, and then we have to see how long it takes for the next:P

Alot has happened during this almost year:P I was at cozmoz for a while, got close to a few ppl there and we became good friends :) Then I got to have workpractice in the switchboard in Borlange, and that lead to a part time job, including 4 weeks of summerjob :)  After I finished the summerjob period, my dad and me packed all my possetions in a camper, with the dogs ofc, and went to the in writing moment, Im sitting in our nice house in Enkhuizen :)

I been here for about 1,5 month now, and everything is going good :) Me and the dogs have seattled fine :) And I think Peter has seattled too, since he didnt live here before we came down :)

Last weekend we had a housewarmingparty :)  It was really nice!!  A lot of ppl showed up, and the house got really warm:P  it was 25,5 degrees only cos of all the ppl:P  Me and Peter got flowers and presents :) Because I had my birthday the day before the party 24/9, I got some extra presents :P From Peter I got a nice little mirror, with light! That we are gonna put upstairs on the wall :)  (I got that one on my actual bday) On saturday I also got suuuch a cute miniature orchid from Peter, so sweet, and it was purple :D
From Peters mom and dad I got a ovendish, a tupperware onioncutter (REALLY handy, no more tears:P) and a vas to put the flowers i got in. From Peters brother Niek and friends, I got a nice cookingpot!! I cant wait to use it!! :)  Peter got from them a drawng/map of Enkhuizen like 300 years ago, its really nice.

Sunday last weekend, we went to Hoorn for some shopping :) Peter needed a rain/windjacket since wse are going to one of the Islands with his work next weekend:) And I also bought something :P a jacket, a scarf, a hat an jeans, 2 sizes smaller then I usually buy!  So losing that weight really shows when shopping clothes :P Hopefully next pair of pants I buy will be a few sizes smaller again :P When we got home from Hoorn, we took the dogs for a good walk, and then ended the evening with a beer and a glas of wine in the harbor :) It was really cosy, the whole little family of ours :)

Now its normal week again, Peter is at work and I am at home :P I hope to get the papers soon so everything can be fixed goodly :) And I also gonna send a jobapplication this a bit nervous on what to write to them, since then didnt want CV and such :P  But we will see how it goes :D


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